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About us

Crypto Stable Limited is modern investment company that combines the most advanced projects in its work. We have legal registered in UK - company number 13509787. We are engaged in lending and investing in promising developments and adaptation of existing blockchain technologies and alternative energy sources for mining.

One of the areas our of activity has become investing in ecological crypto mining. We invest resources in the development of similar projects around the world, helping to adapt technologies to the needs of cryptomining.

Crypto Stable Limited to offer investors the best projects in the field of environmental cryptocurrency mining, the company's specialists carry out systematic monitoring of processes in the energy sector, prepare progressive analytics for the development of the industry. This allows you to reduce investment risks to an achievable minimum.

  • Withdrawals
  • All withdrawals from investors' accounts are carried out is manually. Only upon receipt of a personal request manually with strict adherence to all procedures prescribed in this case.
  • fixed & market
  • Our company offer choose a fixed or market cryptocurrency course to make deposits and receive payments. Our clients can also have fixed and market deposits at the same time.
  • Guard & secure
  • Only a dedicated server is used to service the website. All transactions in progress are encrypted as much as possible and protected from unauthorized access from outside.
Investment Plans

CRYPTO STABLE LIMITED offer a diversified investment system - each investor will see the estimated course of return depending on the amount of the deposit and adjust his investment.

Daily for Lifetime
Minimum deposit - $20
Maximum deposit - $20 000
Principal included: Yes
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Referral Program

CRYPTO STABLE LIMITED offer our active investors additional earnings through the referral program - three levels of additional income for attracting new customers.

Company info

Company number: 13509787
Registered office: 1 Bartholomew Lane,
London, United Kingdom, EC2N 2AX
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CRYPTO STABLE have different percentage of the profit. Interest courses increase with increasing deposit amount and deposit term. If you investing higher amount of deposit - you have higher your profit!

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